Pollock's Toy Museum: La casa de los juguetes

El Pollock's Toy Museum cuenta con 6 habitaciones y dos escaleras repletas de juguetes de todas las épocas.  El vídeo que muestro a continuación, apenas muestra un 10% de todo lo que integra esta fabulosa colección.

Pollock's Toy Museum: La casa de los juguetes
Pollock's Toy Museum is a museum and small toy shop housed in two atmospheric historic buildings in London's Fitzrovia.

It is a collection of mainly Victorian toys. On display in six small rooms and two winding staircases are dolls, teddy bears, tin toys, folk toys, toys from around the world, dolls houses, puppet's, toy theatre's, optical toys, toy soldiers and more besides.

Pollock's was originally a shop and printers, dating back to the 1850's, based in Hoxton, then a poor quarter of London. Benjamin Pollock's hand printed, constructed and coloured much of the toy theatre material housed in the museum today.

The museum was created and the shop stock re-designed during the 1950's and 60's by Marguerite Fawdry It came to it's current location in the late 1960's where it has remained. The collection has been built up by purchases, donations from friends, family and the public. It is an independent family run concern. It is run more for the benefit of the public and to display the collection than for profit.

El escalofriante cuarto de las muñecas....